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James is one of the world’s leading authorities on Australian wine, matching intelligent, honest reviews with unparalleled knowledge of, and passion for, the wine industry. Throughout the world, Fontana Candida is synonymous with Frascati. What specific techniques do you employ at Fontana Candida that you feel are beginning the elevation of the Frascati DOC? Wines that are still in the barrel and have yet to be bottled. Where the most ancient history meets the most modern trends and tastes, here is positioned Fontana Candida. What are you doing to lead that revival and what causes are responsible for the downfall of Frascati in the first place?

  • Tom and Marie Murray converted a small liquor store on the Jersey Shore into a vintage wine, cheese and gourmet food shop; an endeavor reported in the New York Times in the summer of 1974.
  • Serralunga d’Alba became its own Barolo sub zone in 1988.
  • I didn’t dislike it, it was just totally bland.
  • By doing this we hope to inspire our vineyard growers to produce the best grapes possible, but also to renew their vineyards according to our best traditions, reintroducing the best, traditional native varietals exclusive to our area, such as Malvasia “puntinata” del Lazio; varietals that allow us to produce a unique wine of excellence.
  • I admit I was skeptical when Lars Leicht, director of communications at Banfi Wine, contacted to say he was bringing a winemaker Mauro Merz of Fontana Candida into town.

The next four wines might be thought of as the product of Merz’s skunk works. Don’t have an account? On the other hand, Santa Teresa inspired the creation of “Luna Mater”, which has a greater production capacity. These 'Super Tuscans', as they came to be known, quickly inspired the rest of Italy to improve their produce, and now, Italian wine producers in the twenty-first century are widely recognised to be amongst the best in the world. For fifty years Fontana Candida has been undisputed protagonist of the diffusion and success of Frascati world-wide. Thanks to some good acidity, this light-to-medium-bodied wine would be a nice match for seafood and chicken dishes. We have for 18 years served customers and marketers alike with a lively mix of wine reviews, features, profiles, food and wine pairings, new product introductions, travel pieces, history, opinion and wine business news. Thanks to our programs, we are seeing wonderful results, and our wines are once again “recognizable” and distinguished as an authentic expression of the territory, creating value for all involved.

Mauro, this last question I ask of all my interviewees. This includes an economic incentive for those growers who meet our precise technical parameters. We have 12 wines "tapped" at all times in our state-of-the-art wine dispensers. By entering this website you agree that you are legally eligible to view the content of the website and are of legal drinking age. Yes, sorry Giovanni. What does each varietal contribute to the final blended wine?

The wine is fermented and aged in stainless steel and then bottled under nitrogen to protect its freshness and lush fruit flavors. From the bottle: Each edition contains roughly 4,500 detailed, professionally analysed and easy to understand tasting notes on the world's leading and lesser known whiskies. First and Last Name:

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I was fortunate enough to taste the 2020 Frascati “Terre dei Grifi” earlier this year that was provided by our friend Lars Leicht. Decanter magazine is - quite simply - the world’s best wine magazine. The efforts that will lead to excellence must be in the vineyards and the grapes themselves. If you were given a microphone, what would you shout loudest about? We are the leading producer of Frascati in Italy and produce 8 million bottles of wine per year, of which 6. What excites you most right now about Fontana Candida and Frascati? Legally, he can cut the wine with “international varieties.

10% off 12 bottles or more. It is with this goal in mind that we started our project to improve the grapes of Frascati. It publishes 15 issues per year with content that includes news, articles, profiles, and general entertainment pieces.

Volcanic, potassium rich soil.


The wine impresses for its focus and finesse. The first Issue was released in January of 2020 and there are now subscribers in more than 50 countries and nearly all 50 states. The DOC is located in the picturesque Alban Hills just to the south of Rome. Futures offer the opportunity to invest in a wine before it arrives in our store. I think that the grapes we harvest for Frascati are capable of expressing good to great wines, and in some cases even excellence! Here, in the land of culture and delight are born wines famous and loved throughout the world, first of all Frascati.

The small growers (over 100 of them, with vineyards typically less than five acres) earn more if they can sell to Fontana Candida, but, to do so, they have to meet the quality bar. I have the important and pleasurable job of being Dad to Camilla and Valeria, 12 and 15 years old, and I look after my garden. Dry, soft and fruit forward, with a lively taste that offers notes of peach and almonds. So it can be a bit overwhelming to keep track of depending upon the producer. The new laws for the Frascati DOC allow for a minimum of 70% Malvasia di Candia and/or Malvasia del Lazio and up to a maximum of 30% of Bellone, Bombino Bianco, Greco, and Trebbiano Giallo.

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This ancient wine, born in the Roman hills, has deservedly been called "the wine of popes and of the people. "This ancient wine, born in the Roman hills, has deservedly been called ”the wine of popes and of the people. To create and edit your shopping list , sign in to your account. Valid for shipping anywhere within Arizona only. The nose was now piquant with citrus notes. Actual packaging may differ from the image.

We do our best to hand pick the wines we carry and deliver them to you at a great everyday price. Be the first to ask a question about this. Please drink responsibly and it is never acceptable to drink and drive. It is my greatest wish that the virtuous path we have been following over the past few years with our “quality project” can become a good example for other producers.

But we found it at San Mateo , CA.

Woodland berry, crushed mint and pressed rose aromas lift out of the glass. Not valid when shipping to any other state. Artwork does not necessarily represent items for sale. This led to several wineries in the beautiful and highly fertile region of Tuscany making the bold move to work outside of the law, which they saw as responsible for the drop in quality in Tuscan wines. Wine and Spirits is America's practical guide to the straightforward, enlightened enjoyment of fine wine and and premium spirits. Candidal balanitis, yeast infection in men, in this way, it can affect different organs in the body, including the brain, the liver, and the heart. It’s great to see. The soils are loose and deep; rich in potassium, phosphate, and micro-elements. It was just made locally, probably by a co-op, and was what the clientele expected.


You stole the thunder of my next question. The production area for Frascati is located south east of the city of Rome and made up of hills that face the city, their formation dating back to the eruption of the great “Laziale” Volcano. Delicate fragrance of wild flowers and golden delicious apples. My companion and I wandered down an alleyway off one of the streets in the quaint town of Frascati and into an Osteria with a wooden door so heavy you could give yourself a hernia trying to open it. I too have 12 and 15 year olds, so I can deeply appreciate your comments. The brothers also write for various journals, including Boston's Weekly Dig.

You can sort by type of wine, cost, rating, etc. Fairly typical and what I had expected and a good match with the sushi we paired it with later at Steel. It is said that during the papal elections of Innocent X (Giambattista Pamphili in 1644) and of Clement X (Emilioi Altieri in 1670), Frascati spouted from the fountains, the marble nostrils of Marcus Aurelius’s horse and the lions of the Capitol to the delight and amusement of the people. About a year ago, you could count me in the latter camp, but I had an awakening of sorts when a friend tasted me on a bottle. The next wine, a 2020 Fontana Candida Frascati Terre Dei Grifi filled in the gaps in the first wine.

Very pretty aromas and flavors of strawberry, lemon and stones.

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This wine represents the peak of traditional Frascati. We at Fontana Candida, have for the past several years dedicated ourselves to the relaunch of Frascati through serious and rigorous work in the vineyards and in the winery, with the goal of exalting quality above all and without compromise, especially in terms of the wine’s typicity, as you could understand in one sip of our single vineyard Frascati Santa Teresa (unfortunately not yet available in the US!) ” Does this statement reflect more of a desire for better investment in terroir and vineyard management as opposed to stricter selection and higher quality wine making processes? Area of Production: This vineous enigma was dispensed without such fluffery as a name or a vintage. Regulation and law began to change, and wine drinkers across the globe woke up to the outstanding wines coming out of Italy, which are continuing to improve and impress to this day.

Merz hand harvests grapes and splits the yield. Clearly you have to work in the vineyards. Each issue also includes from 400 to more than 1,000 wine reviews, which consist of wine ratings and tasting notes. It is dry, soft and fruit forward, with a lively taste that off ers notes of peach and almonds. Interested in trying some new wines? It continued with a fermentation that was extended by the addition of a special yeast culture to an already ongoing fermentation to achieve higher alcohol levels.

Regular features include comprehensive reviews of new releases from Italy, California, Champagne and Burgundy, vertical tastings and retrospectives, in-depth videos shot on location, Vinous Favorites - our top picks under $25 - and Vinous Table, where we profile our top eating and drinking destinations. You must be of legal drinking age in the United States to access this site. All wines naturally contain some sulfites, however wines that contain less than 10 parts per million sulfites are not required to include "Contains Sulfites" on their labels. It is made from several small vineyards, with an average of 50 year old vines. I signed up for the tasting, which took place at Steel, and had the most educational tasting of the year.

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Mauro claims he is refining tradition but some will say that that is as disingenuous as Kandinsky claiming to be a portraitist. The result is a wine with more body, fuller flavor, and greater complexity than the first flight. Thank you for shopping at Lake Buy-Rite, unfortunately we are unable to locate the product you are purchasing. The name of a cellar which is the most authentic and refined expression of the wine tradition of Latium and of Rome, places which join together age-old elegance with energy, poetry and vitality. Characteristics: Hillside vineyards in the DOC zone located in the province of Lazio, in the communes of Frascati, Monteporzio Catone, Grottaferrata, Montecompatri and Rome. The freshness and the personality of the wines of Fontana Candida, products of particularly acclaimed vineyards and outstanding expertise, embody very well the life-style and the richness of history and of traditions typical of the area which they belong to, known and enjoyed throughout the world.

He ages wine in Acacia barrels, a vinicultural practice about as rare as Central Expressway moving at 60 mph in the rush hour. Aging starts with the wine on the yeasts for four months to extract more flavor and complexity. Offer valid on any online order over $100 (excludes taxes and discounts). He said he had “some very exciting newly released Frascatis to show” at a tasting he had planned at Steel. (5% of the total). You are leaving stewswines.

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Wine which is produced and bottled under strict supervision and meets all standards to be certified Kosher. Why do you choose the blend or is it simply based upon the allocation of the plantings in the vineyards? I rate wines using the 100-points scale. Today, their three children are continuing the tradition.

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Sustainable practices incorporate organic standards and may exceed them and include ecologically and socially sound business practices such as fair pay for farm workers and energy conservation. Citizens rushed out with bottles and cups to capture the wine and enjoy it fully. It’s been said that you are dedicated to leading a revival of the Frascati wine and the region itself. The grapes for this dry, clean wine are grown in the porous, volcanic soils located in the Frascati commune near Rome.

It's the number one source for whisky information, education and entertainment for whisky enthusiasts. Refreshing and lively in character with a dry, elegant, soft and fruity taste. You ask a question that has to do with all the wineries, but Fontana Candida is the leading producer of Frascati DOC and it is for this reason that we feel a great reponsibility for the territory.